Hello-this is Anna.
I believe we all have important aspirations to fully express ourselves in our lives. And it’s never too late, no matter how stuck or restricted we feel, we can make our lives better.

In my life, I have gone through many changes-some have happened to me, some have been chosen by me. I hope this situation will continue as I continue to live, learn and grow. But I am also a professional change expert:

I have a successful, international, ten-year career in change management consulting, helping global organizations and their employees create change in their businesses.

Then I encountered an early midlife crisis at the age of 32
I completely changed my life and began to find my true mission and a more balanced lifestyle. I want to explore and express myself beyond the aspect of businesswomen. And create a life that suits my true identity.

I have lived in three countries and worked in more than a dozen countries, and have experienced an extraordinary and unconventional journey. Sometimes they walk in groups, sometimes alone. He has extensive experience in science, business, language, photography, dance and choreography, writing, singing and performance, yoga, psychology and self-development, as well as diverse spiritual philosophy.

I have experienced ups and downs…

…The joy and fear, excitement and uncertainty brought about by my changes. I found my own unique way. I became a complete and happy self.

I learned that being able to let my energy flow freely is essential to my life. The same goes for diversity and creative expression and balancing all the different aspects of my life. I also recognize that promoting change—making change clear, eliminating fear, creating energy and love for it, and making it happen easily—is one of my greatest talents. It is close to my essence and what I really want.

Today, my passion is to help you change your life

Whether it’s big or small. I feel very honored about this! I created my own structured and intuitive method. If you feel distressed and dissatisfied with your life, it will help you discover and create a real life. So you can make the changes you need and start living that life easily. And feel happier, fulfilled and satisfied again!